Das Huhn von Crossen

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- 1891 have Crossen 685 inhabitants - 133 lived in properties -

Independent inhabitants:
2 agents, 1 baker, 1 restaurant manageress, 3 taverners, 1 glazier, 1 brickworks owner,
1 dancing teacher, 1 wind miller, 2 water millers, 1 tradesman, 2 house butchers,
3 tailors, 3 blacksmiths, 2 cartwrights, 1 saddler, 2 joiners, 8 economy owners,
8 carpenters, 13 chair smallholder, 12 bricklayers, 7 shoemakers and 29 landowners.

We were equipped quite well even with a dancing teacher! What has been left?

2006 - Test of a comparison - 1 joiner (joiner's workshop Kern), 1 blacksmith (metal construction Bahrmann), 2 restaurant manageresses (inn Crossen and coachman room rider court Schneider),        1 baker (bakery Kreyßig), 1 bricklayer (building firm Morgenstern),
1 landowner (farming operation Merkel) ???

Newspaper articles, announcements, Rochlitzer days and weekly, Crossen and surroundings

Rochlitzer Wochenblatt 1848

Die ersten "Arbeitsagenturen" werden eingerichtet.

Rochlitzer Wochenblatt 1851

Bericht über einen Unfall beim Bau der Eisenbahnstrecke Chemnitz-Riesa in Erlau.

Rochlitzer Wochenblatt 1851

Anzeige des Gastwirts zum Vogelschießen

Rochlitzer Tageblatt 1905

Rochlitzer Tageblatt 1905

In der Crossener Mühle Teupel, wird ein Geschirrführer gesucht.

Rochlitzer Tageblat November 1905

Damals war auf den Dörfern mehr los als heute!!! Oder?

Crossen has 133 inhabited properties, 718 inhabitants of last count, in 1899.

Vereine 1899
1. Royally Saxon armed forces organization Gr.: 1893. Vors.: Landowner Mr Theodor Schneider.
2. Sick person support organization Vors.: Tischlermeister Emil Naumann.
3. Cyclist organization. Gr.: 1896. Zwecks Pflege des Sports und geselligen Beisammenseins.
Vors.: Restaurateur C.F. Gläser. L. : Restaurant Gläser.
4. Turnverein. Gr. : 1880. Zwecks Pflege von Leibesübungen. Vors. : Restaurateur
C.F.Gläser. L.: Restaurant Gläser.
5. United marksman company to Crossen. Gr. 1849. Zwecks vaterländischen und
patriotischen Sinn zu fördern, ferner alljährlich Abhaltung eines Schießens.
Vors.: Handelsgärtner Max Vogel. Vierteljährlich eine Versammlung.
1903 has Crossen 752 inhabitants, 131 inhabited properties  
Wheel driving organization "eagle" left picture at 1920 on the school playground -- standard the organization's front and rear page (picture 2002)
 to the left, Vogel Arno, Weinrich Kurt, ???, Poppitz Alfred, ???, ???. Who are the other ones in the picture??

Founded organization flag probably was dedicated to 1896 wheel driving organization Crossen on May 6th, 1923. She was caused of gentleman Richard Braune, horse dealer in Crossen. Even further small pennants, flag sail from other banner consecrations one, however, doesn't see whose text in the pictures, are at the same.
These appendages are the standard otherwise partly is raggedly in a proportionally good state. The text on the supporters is quoted:
  1.) For the memory of the banner consecration cyclist organization „Wanderlust" Co... ( Wahrscheinlich Cossen)
  2.) Dedicated by the virgins to Crossen
  3.) A badge (small metal brand) federal celebration S.R.B. (Saxon.Cyclist federation) Dresden July 1923
  4.) Banner consecration of the wheel driving organization "Saxonia" Stein 24. and 25. 6. 1923
  5.) For the memory of the banner consecration on June 17th, 1923 to Ossa and surroundings
  6.) For the memory of the banner consecration of the wheel driving organization "Wanderlust" Ober- and Niederelsdorf
  7.) 33rd federal celebration of the S.R.B. Freiberg 19.-22. July 1924
  8.) Dedicated by the woman organizations Nieder- and Obercrossen banner consecration May 6th, 1923
  9.) For the memory of the banner consecration of the cyclist organization "Saxonia" Holzhausen 15.6.1924
10.) Memory of the banner consecration "All Heil" Zschaitz 1922.

    1922 has Crossen 762 inhabitants, 204 housekeepings

1. Casino of young farmers
Vors.: Kurt Polster.
2. Sick person organization.
Vors.: Max Vogel.
3. Man choral society.
Vors.: Josef Katscher.
4. Fruit-growing organization.
Vors.: Arthur Zschockelt.
5. Cyclist organization.
Vors.: Arthur Vogel.
6. Marksman company.
Vors.: Max Vogel.
   Why isn't the armed forces organization listed in the yearbook 1922?       
Armed forces organization founded. 1893 to the consecration of the flag May 1925 in front of the inn
The members or persons on the photo   

  1.) sitting in front on the left on the ground Mattusch Arthur. (von links)
  2.) Vorn auf dem Boden sitzend Weinrich Willi. (mitte mit Adler)
  3.) Vorn auf dem Boden sitzend ? (rechts)
  4.)  1. v. l. ???
  5.)  2. v. l. Hingst Rudolf
  6.)  3. v. l. Bahrmann Walter
  7.)  4. v. l. Möbius Alfred
  8.)  5. v. l. Bemmann Bruno
  9.)  6. v. l. Müller Martin
10.)  7. v. l. Poppitz Herrmann
11.)  8. v. l. Pietzsch Alfred (Rittergutpächter)
12.)  9. v. l. Kamprad Otto
13.)10. v. l. Jahn Martin
14.)11. v. l. Martin Karl
15.)12. v. l. Gruhne Walter                                                              
16.)13. v. l. Bemmann Richard                                                       
17.)14. v. l. ???
18.) Mitte stehend von links der 1., Henning Ernst Theodor Wilhelm,     Gasthofbesitzer
19.)  2. v. l. Liebers Willi
20.)  3. v. l. Müller Willi
21.)  4. v. l. Fritzsching Georg
22.)  5. v. l. Kießling Paul
23.)  6. v. l. Stolze Karl
24.)  7.     ???
25.)  8. v. l. Geißler Oswald
26.)  9. v. l. Thalheim Kurt
27.)10. v. l. Schlimper Max

    28.) 11. v. l. Porzig Fritz
29.) 12. v. l. Teichmann Arno ???
30.) 13.     ???
31.) 14. v. l. Teicher Kurt
32.) 15.     ???
33.) 16.     ???
34.) hinten stehend von links 1.Klinger Kurt
35.)   2. v. l. Stockmann Otto
36.)   3. v. l. Ahnert Max
37.)   4. v. l. Seifert Arno
38.)   5. v. l. Bemmann ???
39.)   6. v. l. Vogel Alfred, Standarte
40.)   7. v. l. Vogel Walter
41.)   8.      ???
42.)   9.      ???
43.) 10. v. l. Vogel Arthur
44.) 11. v. l. Lorenz Walter
45.) 12.v. l. Bemmann Martin
46.) 13. v. l. Werner Max
47.) 14. v. l. Schlimpert Kurt


Der Mann mit Hut ganz rechts hinten im Bild , Böhler, Ernst Emil.

The armed forces organization has in honor of our King Albert planted an oak in front of the inn in 1903. However, this got arid and a new oak had to be planted. Which ones were obliged around him to pour to not have a skinny tree again? The host Katzschmann gave the country, a small triangle between school and inn. How later out about 10 years went and stood the country didn't belong to the host Katzschmann but the municipality of Crossen at all. 1871 as the first Saxon of the emperor to the general field marshal of new German empire appointed became a King Albert, this rank was unknown in Saxony till now, here it worked only up to the field marshal. The king has died in Sibyllenort on his Silesian possessions on June 19th, 1902.


The Crossener armed forces organization was loaded the winter bars at the armed forces organization to for the 50th flag anniversary on 31-10-1924.
The 75th anniversary of the marksman company was celebrated to Crossen on 1./2 June 1924.
There was consecration of the flag at the Crossener armed forces organization on 16./17./18 May 1925. For this occasion the above photo probably also has been made.
The flag which unfortunately got no longer available or still not found cost 750. cbm and came from Emil Schulze Weißer for Hirsch in Dresden. The bunting was green white from silk embroidery. A page of the flag showed the Saxon coat of arms with the label "with God for empire and native country" and the other page "Saxon armed forces organization to Crossen" to (1893-1925). The planning of the procession started to the assembly of the celebration committee with 1925. on January 13th
On March 1st, 1925 Richard became bird to the standard-bearer and declares Max Ahnert the second-in-command.
The countess, probably Marie Luise gave 20 marks empire countess zur Lippe, some years owner of the manor, to the flag. This this was too few for many and 20 of 27 was so correct, the money is given back again. For the carnival procession by the place the Döbelner empire defence chapel was engaged. (From the protocol book of the armed forces organization of Herbert Jahn.)


Vereine 1938
 1937/38 hat Crossen 768 Einwohner, 233 Haushaltungen

1946 hat Crossen 982 Einwohner

1. Christl. Frauendienst. Vors.: Linda Köhler.
2. Krankenunterstützungsverein. Vors.: Max Vogel.
3. Kriegerkameradschaft. Vors.: Otto Stockmann.
4. Schützengesellschaft. Vors.: Max Vogel.
5. Turnverein (DRL). Vors.: Kurt Stockmann.

- Children's party 1955 - newspaper article open press of July 16th, 1955 -

"Also this year again one children's party "! It was so called in one of the meetings of the municipality agents at the beginning of the year. Deeds followed the words soon. At first it a committee was formed this one had to prepare the celebration. Every necessary member received a small task. As the good organisation of the celebration pointed, this method has proved itself. A digest for the children's party under the villagers yielded a stately amount. Our godfather operation, the VEB -Nationally-owned operation-  transport services Karl-Marx-Stadt, also supported us energetically at the preparation. It was then ready on June 25th. The last handles to the Schmückung of the festival ground were done. Particularly our carpenter Walter Dickert distinguished himself with his helpers here. In the evening a torchlight procession took place as an up-beat by the village. Unfortunately, he had to be dissolved because of a continuous thundery shower away. There then was a damp happy meeting in the restaurant Teicher. It was a pity had this one primarily made the inhabitants out of the effort to himself with adorning her houses. Many a Crossener looked anxiously to the sky on the Sunday morning so but it was a rainless Sunday. Quick music accompanied in the morning, a tape recorder had been made available by an inhabitant of the place, the helpers at the last preparations on the festival ground. 40 children of our godfather operation appeared toward 12 o'clock. 1 p.m. started with the great festivities punctual. At first the merry-go-round was the main centre of attraction. Then lured a scooter racing, the godfather operation had scooters equipped with pneumatic tyres brought, many of the children on the road to this end. There was permanently operation also at the climbing pole. The first lots were sold to the tombola meanwhile in which valuable prices waved. The lucky winner continued the main price, a living sheep, with himself a little later. The women of the DFD - Democratic woman federation of Germany had prepared the coffee panel in the hall of the inn. Every child got a cup with the label children's party Crossen 1955 as a present. It then went on funnily. The smallest practised the Topfschlagen while the great were trying her luck at the blathering hut or at the Sternschießen. Toward evening a circus performance pleased young and oldly with prominent artists from the village. At the conclusion of the day the Crossener turned in the inn for the dance. I hereby would like to thank all the numerous helpers who contributed to the success of the celebration.

 - Manfred Mehnert - (teacher in Crossen)

Much new one was created in our village

Newspaper article Freie Presse county Rochlitz 29.11.1955-

 Crossen.  A wish already cherished of the inhabitants for a long time was fulfilled: Crossen got a first aid job, this one at the same time to the Mothers consultation. serve for the vaccinations etc. shall. It has been successful thanks to the good participation of the socialist united party of Germany and the DFD as well as some inhabitant to win two beautifully fully developed rooms for it. By the generous help of our government it was possible for Rochlitz of the German red cross for the circle management to provide this first aid job with beautiful, extensive and purpose corresponding facilities. The 43rd Sanitäts unit was founded in the county Rochlitz now on November 16th. 25 participants want to acquire the knowledge in a basic training course which needs her to help to put the claim of our government to improve the physical support at the village into effect. Gratefully the population of Crossen respects the reliefs created last year, it is village illumination. the creation of a nursery school shall, this one be improved still more with national lottery means, the construction of two bus waiting huts or this first aid job. The inhabitants of Crossen still will create many improvements and innovations in common work.  (Elvira Fuchs)



1290 - 1990 Move 700 annual celebration

Die Pest war überall in unserer Gegend ein ungebetener Gast.                                                               
Crossener Carnevalverein CCV e.V.
Bäckermeister Kreyßig  Die Lau´nhainer (im Hintergr. altes Feuerwehrgerätehaus)